I just wanted to say that leaving this time is really different than leaving last time.  Last October when I went to Australia, I was like, “Peace, yo.”  I was so ready to fly off the edge of my nest and land right side up Down Under.  This time, I’m so sad.  I’ll be going about my preparations and feel a heaviness in my chest and think, “What’s wrong with me?  Why am I not excited?”  Oh yeah.  Because I’m leaving family and friends for a long freaking time.  And this time I know exactly how it feels to be so far away from them.

Sometimes I think I’m a wanderer with the heart of a homebody.


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  1. helo
    As i am reading this post and thinking did joy and i spoke last nite ???about how we feel about going away again and how this time its different then the first time and this time We are/is going to be sad….
    Seriasly that Just the way i feel Aswell!!!
    as if We Did chat over gmail/mxit like many times before and you took the Words right out of my Mind…

    I Know how you feel



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