My Daughter the Wanderer

“Not all who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

I feel that tonight (ahem…this morning) on the eve of my departure for another drawn-out adventure/quest thing, I must draw attention to my blog’s tagline.  I thought of this, one of my favorite quotes, today while eating lunch with my mom.  We were talking about career choices and things like that, and she mentioned that she used to tell friends that she has two daughters who are teachers and one who is a nurse.  Now, she says, “My daughter, the teacher” (that would be Sarah); “My daughter, the nurse” (Rachel); and “My daughter, the wanderer”  (that would be me.)  Ouch.  It sucks when I realize all over again how very irresponsible my lifestyle looks to some.  And yet, to me, it seems quite purposeful.  Crazy, yes.  Scary (especially right now), yes.  Aimless?  Never.

Can I just say, now that the trip prep is over, that I am proud of myself for a few reasons?

First, I never actually threw up, even though my nerves made me feel like doing so several times a day for the past week.

Second, I managed to watch quite a respectable chunk of the Olympics like a good little American about to leave her beloved homeland for 8 months.

And third (this is the biggie), I’m bringing the exact same amount of luggage on this trip as I did on my trip to Australia.  Big deal, you say?  Yeah, I guess…except that this trip is 8 months and the last one was 5.  Oh, and last time I was packing for summer weather, this time it’s a freezing (literally) Arctic climate – we’re talking coats, boots, scarves, bulky wool socks.  AND last time I did not bring linens, a towel, or any extra toiletries…this time I did.  So.  I still don’t qualify as a light packer, but oh has there been improvement!  

So I’m proud of those things…let’s not mention all the things I’m ashamed of from the past week of trip prep, like being the supreme queen brat of the universe, channeling most of my stress into road rage, and spreading myself too thin so that I ended up packing up until midnight when I have to be up early tomorrow to catch my flight.  Oops.  I think I did just mention those.  Oh well, it’s best you know that I’m not perfect.  

Tomorrow: Boston!  I’ll keep you updated, friends.


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