Pulling My Hair Out

So I’m trying to figure out how to put a PayPal donation button on my blog, so people who want to support me for YWAM can do it easily and securely.  HOWEVER, I am retarded when it comes to HTML codes and whatnot, and now I feel like a monkey trying to open a coconut with a rubber chicken.  And I want to throw my head back and wail in frustration like Snoopy.  (Ahem…I’m actually really good at that…my crying Snoopy impression is one of my best party tricks).


2 thoughts on “Pulling My Hair Out

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  1. I’ve had some issues with HTML and WordPress, but I’m no expert. I had more success with Blogger in that area.

    You might be create a new page and use the HTML editor go place the donation button in a post… but that might be kind of cheesy. I don’t know… good luck!


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