Nerd Files, No. 3

22 Jul

More confessions of a 24 year old nerd:

…I’m the only person I know who actually checks magazines out at the library.

…I would totally live in Stars Hollow if I could.  Yep, that’s the fictional town that serves as the setting for Gilmore Girls.  Did I mention I’ve seen every episode an embarrassing number of times?  I like to think that the high-speed banter makes me wittier. 

…I REALLY like the Pina Colada Song (I think the real title is “Escape”) by Rupert Holmes.

…I love the Geico gecko commercials, especially the one when he talks about having a muffin with butter and jam.  I also always crack up at the Fandango paper-bag puppet commercials…come on, they’re hilarious!


One Response to “Nerd Files, No. 3”

  1. Rachel Moyal July 23, 2008 at 2:14 pm #

    Ok, magazines at the library? That is nerdy, but oh so green!


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