Yo Yo Cruisa

I come from a blended family.  Mom and Jeff got married when I was twelve, and my teen years had their share of tense and chaotic moments as our families collided more than they blended.  When I was fourteen, all 7 of us went on a cruise to the Bahamas and I remember getting in lots of fights and being generally miserable, which is what one does when one is fourteen and on vacation with one’s family.

But last week, ten years later, the family went on another cruise; this time to Mexico.  Rachel flew out from New York, and I had not seen her or my stepbrother Tim since before I left for Australia last fall.  Monday morning on the way to pick me up, my mom and sister called me and greeted me with “Yo Yo Cruisa!”  which became our catch phrase for the rest of the trip.

The cruise was filled with LOTS of food, sun, and seriously quality people-watching.  After being stuck on a boat with hundreds of other families for a week, I can say that I am so thankful for mine.  We were so the most fun family on that ship.  I think the baby of the family, seventeen year old Chris, summed it up on the last night at dinner as we all toasted each other with champagne when he (adorably) said, “I love this family more than bologna sandwiches and Special K cereal.”  And for Chris, that’s saying a lot.

Cheers to the Hopkins-Moyal clan!


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  1. As my uncle John has always said, “Families are weird.” And it’s true. Getting along with one’s family when everyone has more or less grown up can be challenging. When it happens, though, there’s nothing else like it in the whole world.

    I’m glad you all had a fun and memorable trip.


  2. I love this post Joy! I love the line about how we “collided more than blended” in those early years. When I looked at the pictures you posted on facebook I couldnt stop smiling and showed them to Daniel the same way I did when I went to Israel. What a great trip we had!


  3. I love this post and of course you and this family!
    It was an amazing trip…and a testament to how all that colliding can be like uninteresting rocks that tumble around in a rock tumbler and rub off the rough edges(ouch) enough to make some beautiful gems…like Sarah, Rachel, Joy, Tim, and Chris! My gorgeous jewels!
    Obviously, I am one proud momma!
    Yo Yo Cruisa!
    Looking forward to cruising with you all again and some grandbabies too!


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