The Other Side

I grew up on junk food.  My friends still fondly remember the times my dad would come home with a paper sack from 7-11, bulging with candy and Slim Jims and Hostess Fruit Pies.  My lunches contained Ding Dongs and white bread and butter sandwiches…in high school it was curly fries and oreo shakes. 

If you told me that two years out of college I would be checking the ingredients on whole wheat tortillas to make sure there was no enriched flour in them, I would have laughed.  At that time, 1 calorie and 1,000 calories were all the same to me.  (And I weighed about 20 pounds less…it kills me).

Today I realized that when it comes to food, I’m really on the other end of the spectrum, because on my keyboard I found a piece of the high fiber cereal I had sprinkled on my yogurt earlier, and my first thought was, “Why is there rabbit food on my keyboard?”


2 thoughts on “The Other Side

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  1. This post made me laugh out loud! I have had that exact same thing happen to me where I actually thought it was rabbit food (or poop) on my keyboard!


  2. I Agree! I always wondered if you crazy health animals thought your food looked like rabbit food and/or tree branches, like I do.


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