Viva La Cure

So I’m loving two songs in particular right now.  Viva La Vida, by Coldplay.  I’m not really a diehard Coldplay fan…I mean, I only have one of their albums on my iTunes.  But for some reason, the other night I found myself clicking the “pre-order” button in the iTunes Store for their new album.  I’m super excited, especially because with the pre-order I get a special acoustic version of “Lost.”  I’ve never heard “Lost” but I’ll tell you what: I’m a sucker for acoustic versions (and, on the other hand, dance remixes).

Second song I’m swooning over: The Only One by The Cure.  I’ve always loved their song “Just Like Heaven” and when I heard this new one on the radio, I totally fell in love.  Check it out.  Hope you like it!  Just don’t make the mistake of watching the video…totally creeped me out.  Gotta give those guys credit though for not pretending that they’re still young or whatever.


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