Iron Man? Yes, Please!

So, I saw Iron Man last Friday night.  When I first heard it came out, I knew nothing about it.  Like, I hadn’t even seen a trailer.  Then after it came out everyone was raving about it, and then I heard that Robert Downey, Jr. plays Iron Man.  And then I wanted to see it.

I have loved Robert Downey Jr. since I was a kid and watched him in sentimental movies like Hearts and Souls and Only You.  Then, in high school, I went through a serious Ally McBeal obsession.  They were running that show on FX like 800 times a day (fun fact: that same year they filmed an episode for the last season at the ice rink I worked at, and I got to meet Ally McBeal/Calista Flockhart!).  Anyway, RDJ played Ally’s love interest during parts of season 4 and season 5, and I just loved him (despite the fact that his character’s name was Larry).  His incredible wit, his rough-around-the-edges good looks, and his confident, don’t give a damn attitude are irresistable.  In Hollywood, where tanned, blond-streaked (and yes, beautiful) Jude Law and Brad Pitt-types rule the world and the screen; RDJ is a welcome contrast.

We all know he’s been through some rough patches and taken a few wrong turns, but he’s got a couple of projects lined up for us to look forward to and I’m glad he’s back.


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