Nerd Files, No. 2

I actually like to research stuff.  Especially places I’m going.  If I’m going to a new restaurant that evening, I’ll look up their menu and reviews online and suggest appetizers to friends once we’re there.  When I got to Adelaide, in South Australia, I picked up all the free brochures at the airport and familiarized myself with the city while riding to the house we were staying at.  Our hostess, Kathy, was telling us how Adelaide had a bunch of art and music festivals and I said, “Well, it is ‘The Festival State’,” thus revealing myself to be a total nerd.  Hey, it was on their freaking license plates. When I asked if it would be easy to head up to Waterfall Gully for a hike, she laughed and said I knew more about Adelaide than most of its residents.

Oh, and  That’s like my best friend.  I love when I’m reading an article or a book and come across a word I don’t know, relishing the entry and trying to get the pronunciation down perfectly.

I even find myself wanting to research fictional concepts.  I’m reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and found myself wishing I could find Apparition vs. Disapparition on Wikipedia to further understand its laws and limitations.  Although, considering the popularity of the series, I probably could find it on Wikipedia…I’m just not going to try until I’ve finished the books, for fear of accidentally coming across a spoiler.  And did I mention how I kind of have a crush on Harry?  I think this crush on, as my friend Jackson put it, “a fictional teenage wizard” further exposes my geek status.


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  1. This is the second time you’ve mentioned your crush on Harry. I’m afraid you two might be getting a little too serious a little too fast.

    On another note, I also frequent Though, sometimes I get a little crazy and visit to further my etymological investigations.

    Nerds, we are.


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