HP, Baby

So.  I’m finally reading the last Harry Potter book.  I know!  It came out like a year ago or whatever.  But I was busy and then I went to Australia and it’s not like I was going to haul that dictionary-sized novel across the world with me.

Is it weird that I kind of have a crush on Harry?

Don’t spoil the ending for me.


3 thoughts on “HP, Baby

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  1. Is it weird to have a crush on a fictional teenage wizard? Perhaps. I can just imagine the two of you on your first date, where he would take you on a tour of his dorm at Hogwarts. Upon touring the bed chamber, I’m sure he’s say something like, “This is where the magic happens.” Get it? Magic?

    I’m done.


  2. Don’t judge me, Jackson!
    And please stop being so damn witty…or else I will personally kidnap you and Sarah and bring you down to Southern California so I can partake in some of that wit in person, over Starbucks.


  3. Trust me, you wouldn’t need to twist our arms to get us down there. It’s just so damn expensive to live down there! I’m planning on winning the lottery this evening, which will make our dream of going to an expensive graduate school in Southern California more attainable. A guy can dream, right?


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