One of Those Days

Today is one of those days when I feel so filled to the brim with a bazillion things I want to be doing that it all buzzes around inside me, making my breathing short, my heart like a mouse pitter-patter a thousand beats a minute, and then coming together in a crazy hummmm through my core and my limbs until the energy collects in my feet and my ankles and heels and toes are buzzing and I just want to run five laps around the world, then wrestle a tiger and eat a bowlful of stars for dessert.  Where does this come from?  Is it just pure, unadulterated youth singing in my veins?  Some would say I’m not so young.  Is it God-given passion?  Where shall I direct it then: Europe, loved ones, Israel, writing…  Or maybe it’s just caffeine?  I guess I’ll follow the plan: get off work, get my eyebrows done, hit the gym.  What an unfascinating turn of events, such a waste of zeal.


What do you think?

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