Quotable Friday, Vol. 18

“There’s an old saying that it’s better to try to tame a wild stallion than it is to ride a dead horse.  [Are you] the dead horse that needs to be brought back to life, or the wild stallion, filled with passion and desire for life?  If you’re more like the dead horse, take hope in the One who raises the dead.  If you are a wild stallion, run to the One who will not tame you, but will transform you.  God’s desire is not to corral you, but to set you free.”   

Erwin McManus,

Chasing Daylight


I once read about a concept that Elisabeth Elliot called the “greed of being.”  It’s an unexplained restlessness, a desire for more of everything in life.  I felt convicted as I read that, knowing that sometimes I just want to round up a wagon load of experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds that the world offers and lay them out as a feast, then savor each one slowly.  There are so many things I want to know and see and do.  But Erwin’s words make me wonder if maybe God is the one who placed this passion for life in my heart.  I have so many desires and passions: to go to Europe and immerse myself in the culture and see the people awakened to real beauty of God; to live in Israel among the Jews and discuss life and the Scriptures with them, sharing how Jesus is the hope they have been waiting so long for; to write books that move people and inspire them to know and love themselves and God; and to get married and have a partner in life with whom I can build a strong and fun family.  How can all of these things happen?  Especially when they are layered on top of the foundation of love I have for my family and close friends already?  Is there room enough in this life for these things?  I love that God knows how to untangle the anxiety created by these desires and transforms them into opportunities for me to meet Him in new and wondrous ways.


What do you think?

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