I freaking love this guy.  His song, “Love Today” was pretty much the theme song of our DTS…at least mine and Becca’s.  I don’t love every song of his, but songs like “Happy Endings” and “Relax, Take it Easy” are also good.  On my way from Taipei to Sydney, I watched “MIKA: Live in Paris” on the plane, and during the “Big Girl (You are Beautiful)” number, two overweight girls in straight up fishnets, corsets, and cowboy hats came out and danced all up on him.  Awesome.  He’s impossibly skinny, but don’t hold it against him.  For a good time, give MIKA a listen.


Because I Said So.

I finally saw this movie and loved it.  Diane Keaton is brilliant as the over-dramatic mother and reminded me of a few moms I know.  Mandy Moore is just so damn likeable, and then you’ve got Lauren Graham, who’s totally my girl because of my Gilmore Girls obsession.  And, unlike in other movies (ahem, Evan Almighty and The Pacifier), she really shines as the beautiful comedienne that she is, despite her small supporting role.  The movie accurately portrays that crazy relationship between a mother and her three daughters.  Coming from a set of three sisters, I can tell you they pretty much hit the nail on the head.  I loved when they were all having a blast singing together and then in a blink they were screaming at each other…I can think of many times that’s happened with us.  Minus the singing, of course.  Anyway, if you have a mom and a sister, watch this movie.  If you’re a boy, don’t bother.


Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream 

I had almost given up hope that there was good ice cream in Australia.  We had some amazing gelato in Surfer’s Paradise (I had the macadamia caramel…heaven in my mouth).  But the best we could find in Newcastle was Kiwi Ice Cream (Kiwi as in New Zealand, not as in the fuzzy brown fruit) and that wasn’t even great.  It’s Easter today, and we spent the day at Glenelg beach here is Adelaide, South Australia.  So I thought it was a good day to, despite my missionary budget, treat myself to a junior cone of tiramisu flavored ice cream.  It was freaking delicious.  And you know what else?  It came in a waffle cone as a default (major points for that) AND they had caramel, hot fudge, nuts, and sprinkles at a little self-serve bar.  For a country that charges 30 cents for ketchup, that is unheard of.  So, if you’re in Australia and craving GOOD ice cream (don’t even try to get frozen yogurt) head to Copenhagen.


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