Now I’m For Real

Okay, the true test of being a missionary is not the capacity to finish your meal after finding an unidentifiable bug wading through your stew, nor the ability to nurse one’s own wound after being stung by a scorpion.

No, you know you are a real missionary when you can talk about poop freely and openly with just about everyone.

I’m proud to say I’m a real missionary.

I used to be SO shy about bathroom goings-on. I think I can even remember the first time I even vaguely talked about pooping with my best friend. It was in college. However, during the lecture phase of DTS, the girls got pretty close. While we were camping, we were all having so many stomach problems that we just HAD to talk about them. It found it so freeing, to just say, “Man, I’ve really got to poop right now.” And to encourage each other, “Wow, you were finally able to poop today? That’s great!” I feel like it bonded us more. But I was still fairly guarded, and I still couldn’t imagine myself talking about my own personal pooping experiences, habits, and needs with BOYS.

Then I went on outreach. Josh, or Yoshe, was pretty much my best friend on the trip. We crack each other up, and nothing makes us laugh more than talking about pooping. I don’t know when my defenses fell, but I’m glad they did. And as I sat in our debrief meeting today and listened to everyone’s “shart” stories about pooping in their pants, I thought, “Now we’re missionaries!”


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