To Anne Lamott:

She’s amazing. She’s the kind of woman who makes peace with her hair by getting dreadlocks in middle age; the kind of mom who tells her teenager’s friends, “I’m one of those adults who will always be on your side,” she’s the contemporary Christian author who uses the “f” word not for shock value, but just because she uses it and it fits.

Anne Lamott says some crazy stuff in her writing. I find myself aspiring to have a spirituality like hers, so fresh and raw and real. But sometimes her Christianity scares me: she talks about God sometimes as a He, sometimes a She; sometimes a Father, sometimes a Mother. My knee-jerk reaction to that is a frantic siren in my head wailing “WRONG!” but is that my spirit or my upbringing? And sometimes it seems like she has given up on some Christian principles, like the sanctity of sex in marriage, while hailing some of Jesus’ teachings, like “love your enemies”, as non-negotiable.

All I know is that she challenges me, as a Christian and as a writer. And after reading her account of being freed from hatred and resentment in her book Plan B, where she likens the process to that of untangling a delicate gold chain, I know that I relate to her, and identify with her, and my soul hears her soul.

Here’s to you, Anne Lamott!

To Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt.

Right before I left Australia, I feared I couldn’t live without Golden Spoon. At that time I was going about 3 nights a week. The week before I left I consumed gallons of the stuff. However, almost three months went by, and I was fine. I must have overestimated, or at least over-dramatized, my addiction. But last week, I experienced delayed withdrawals. Now I can’t wait until we are reunited…

I’m sorry I doubted you, Golden Spoon. Here’s to you!

To the Chronicles of Narnia:

I miss you. I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia about once a year. And I pick them up off an on throughout the year, for comfort or spiritual guidance or literary inspiration. I don’t have those here, and I miss them dearly. I want to hang out with Jill and Edmund and Lucy and Mr. Tumnus and sit at Aslan’s feet on the dewy slopes of Narnia. If I could have any book imprinted in my head, verbatim, and besides the Bible, it would be this series. I seriously want to start memorizing portions of Scripture…why not try to memorize The Voyage of the Dawn Treader as well? Then I could read it any time I want. I know…it’s about as crazy as my idea for Pocket People. These are dreams, guys…teleportation, eating whatever I want with no consequences, and the ability to memorize entire books. Anyway.

Here’s to you, Chronicles of Narnia. And I sincerely hope that, for these books and others, I can propose a toast to C.S. Lewis at one of those great feasts in heaven.


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