Whooping Cough, Cheap Wine, and Other Misadventures

1. So, the other night I realized my face product, an acne spot treatment, smells like cheap wine. Either Manischewitz , or the kind that comes in a box, or what is that one, Boone’s Farm? So I did a little research…yeah, my acne gel contains 14% alcohol, while a Manischewitz cordial only contains 12%. I guess that explains it.

2. I guess shower shoes are supposed to break, right? You know the kind I’m talking about…the rubber flip-flops you bring to camp and the dorms and, ahem, Lewis House…pretty much anywhere that you’ll be using a suss shower. They tend to break after a few months…the part that goes between your toes rips out. And for a while, if you’re a cheap ass like me, you just shove it back in the cracked opening and wear them a little longer. But yesterday, I forgot to change from my shower shoes into my normal, walk around town flip flops. I had some errands to run down Hunter Street, and during my 15 minute walk to the shops and back, my sandal broke about ten times. I would take a step, or try to pivot away from the cash register, and all the suddent my flip-flop is folding over on itself and I’m lurching forward then stooping down quickly to shove it back in and pretend like it’s no big deal, just like tying a shoe, right? This happened a couple times in a store, and also once in the middle of a crosswalk. I seriously pondered doing as the Australians do and walking around town barefoot, but a girl who can’t even wear her pajamas to the grocery store at 10pm can’t exactly run into the chemist barefoot, now can she? So I bought another pair of $3 flip-flops, and I hope these ones will last me straight through Mexico. This has gotten me wondering though: am I a shuffler? Because my running shoes broke the other day…the tread started to come off on the bottom of my right shoe, and when I run it flaps in the wind. I feel like the kid with a bowl cut and too-short pants. I would have super glued or duct-taped it, but those items are not to be found at Lewis House. So, am I one of those people who you can hear coming a mile away, because they never pick up their dang feet when they walk? Gosh I hope not, because that bugs.

3. There was almost a whooping cough epidemic at Lewis House. Don’t ask me how. Isn’t whooping cough one of those antiquated diseases people died from when they still had to travel by ship and women coughed blood into lace handkerchiefs? So everyone’s sick, despite our efforts to quarantine the sickees, and a bunch of them got tested, and one girl came back with a positive test for whooping cough. So everyone who had coughed in the past couple of weeks had to wear a surgical mask, and it was seriously so creepy to live with 20 people whose faces were half covered. I think there’s something instinctual about being freaked out by a person whose facial expressions are hidden. It’s worse than when someone’s wearing super dark sunglasses and you’re like, “Dude, are you looking at me?” Anyway, it looks like it was a false alarm. Who knows, this week there might be a scarlet fever scare. Or polio.

Here’s a picture of some DTS students with their masks…and Becca dying in the front middle.



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