Quotable Friday, Vol. 16 (Monday Edition)

“[…]and I will sleep beneath the stars and whisper thank you to the Creator of the universe, as a way of reacquainting myself to an old friend, a friend who says you don’t have to be smart or good-looking or religious or anything; you just have to cling to Him, love Him, need Him, listen to His story.”

Donald Miller
Through Painted Deserts

I haven’t give much thought yet to what I want 2008 to be for me, but God has been teaching me a lot about grace while I’ve been here in Australia. I realized I’ve never really accepted it…that I always thought I have to get it right, do it perfectly, be smart and good-looking and super spiritual for Him to be pleased with me. I don’t have to strive to prove to Him that I’m thankful. In 2008, I want to cling to His love, to depend on Him instead of myself, to sit at His feet and look into His eyes and let His story sink into my life and change me.


What do you think?

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