B.A. in Australia


I got bitten by one of these guys at Anna Bay on Boxing Day. It was in the cards for me that day, I guess. I say that because earlier in the day, one of these ants came charging at me as I lay on my towel on the sand, minding my own business. My friend Jared killed it (after multiple failed attempts) and I was safe…or so I thought. Later, as we were grilling burgers for dinner, a red bull ant attacked the foot of my school leader, Jesse Lee. Jesse flings the ant off his foot, it lands on mine and begins to attack it ferociously. It hurt like a mother, I’m not going to lie. The pain spread from my toe, over the top of my foot, and up my shin. Then it all went numb. Pretty scary, huh? It was swollen, itchy, and tender for a couple days after that. I had to blog about it because, as I said to Jesse, it’s pretty much the most badass thing that’s happened to me in Australia…I mean, check out the mandibles on that ant! (Yeah, I used the word “mandible.” I’m a smartass as well as a badass.)


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  1. What type of ant was it? I ask because I too got bitten by one of these things at Anna bay and it still hurts like a bugger after 3 days haha


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