Haiku Tuesday

It all started with this poetic ode to sweet chilli sauce (inspired by the sweet chilli chicken quesadilla I had for lunch).

sweet chilli sauce love
brings magic to any day
so glad I found you

Then I started writing them for everyone sitting near me in the Youthstreet office today:

sweet fun Melia
still so lovely with short hair
double guns dancer

Crown Cafe beauty
lights up my day with iced tea
only Melia

Jordana Brewster
shutter clicks and sheepish grins
blond baby Norris

Christina lover
Jeremy from Alaska
not an eskimo

Daniel tall and thin
bosses me around rudely
I should beat him up

tall Tina Potter
so pretty, kind and gracious
also loves to shop

Above is a picture of me, Tina, and Melia in our Youthstreet office. Here are the sillier ones from the photo shoot:


What do you think?

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