Quotable Friday, Vol. 15 (Thursday Edition)

“God bestows three blessings on man: to feed him like birds, dress him like flowers, and befriend him as a confidant. Too many take the first two and neglect the last. Sooner or later you figure out life is constructed specifically and brilliantly to squeeze a man into association with the Owner of heaven. It is a struggle, with labor pains and thorny landscape, bloody hands and a sweaty brow, head in hands, moments of severe loneliness and questioning, moments of ache and desire. All this leads to God, I think.”

Donald Miller
Through Painted Deserts

I don’t need to say much about this quote. It’s simply beautiful, and was a gem that I unearthed while trudging through this surprisingly dull work of Miller’s. He always loses me when he starts talking about his car. I would probably still recommend it though, because the good parts are REALLY good. And I have a feeling it’s kind of like the movie Elizabethtown…it’s more about the journey than anything else.


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