The Exception

So, the rumors are true. Food in Australia pretty much sucks. There’s basically no Mexican food here, so that’s an immediate problem. Then, if you do find something that sounds good (wrap? salad? falafel?), it usually disappoints. I mean sure, it’s all right, but the flavor is turned town a few notches from anything you’d have in the States. The Thai chicken meat pie I had in Surfer’s Paradise was the spiciest thing I’ve had here.

But the exception the rule of bad food in Australia is…

sweet chili sauce. It is SO good! Especially when I dip my quesadilla from the Cafe into it…yum. Or in a kebab. Australians put it on everything, and I jumped on that train so fast.


One thought on “The Exception

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  1. Ah sweet chili sauce…I remember that old friend. I used to eat an especially delicious and not nutritious version of ramen noodles with sweet chili sauce…yum! The gross thing is that Aussies seem to think sweet chili sauce is akin to tapatillo or salsa and would put it on their tacos! Blah! I would always try to publically shame the Aussie offenders but no one else on my base shared the same silly passion for hot sauce.


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