My family is a betting family. We used to have heated arguments around the dinner table about the verity of urban myths, or a random statistic someone used, or especially the accurate definitions of words. These debates usually culminated in a bet: if it was my mom doing the betting, it was usually an ice cream cone. My stepdad would usually rashly bet $50 or $100, even though we kids didn’t exactly have that kind of cash lying around.

So I totally missed my family today when the conversation around the lunch table turned to nutrition. Now, I don’t want to sound arrogant but I seriously know a good bit about nutrition. It’s been a bit of a hobby for my mom, sister, and me for a while now. When Dr. Oz makes an appearance on Oprah we soak up his words like the nerds we are, although most of his information is old news to us since we gather information elsewhere, too. Anyway, the debate today was about gassiness (is that a word? To put it bluntly, farting a lot). Is it evidence of a bad diet or a good diet? Bec said it means a person has a bad diet and is eating too much sugar, and if one is eating healthfully, one will not be gassy. I completely disagreed, because I know that Dr. Oz has said gas is a good thing…healthy foods such as raw produce, whole grains, and beans all cause gas. I felt so strongly that suddenly I heard these words spew out of my mouth: “I would bet a thousand dollars on this!” Oh, I am SO a product of that crazy Hopkins-Moyal clan.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner…I’ll miss Jeff’s awesome food, Aunt Barbara’s zucchini casserole, Mom’s apple and Grandma’s pecan pie and those heated debates about whether moles are completely blind or not…

…so I guess what I’m saying is, I’ll miss my family!


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  1. We miss you too Joy Joy! I loved this post because I totally remember the betting days. They are still around for me, I try to bet Daniel all the time but he doesnt go for it. It is really just the weirdness of our family. Also, in honor of you, I will eat a double portion of Aunt Barbara’s casserole at 350 calories per slice 🙂


  2. I know Joy, I’m so sad I won’t be there for Thanksgiving too! Our Thanksgiving’s are the best! You forgot Grandma’s potato salad, I bet I could eat a basketball sized portion. It’s funny, I never realized how many times the words, “I bet….” come out of my mouth! I love you!


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