Vow of Silence


I watched the movie Little Miss Sunshine for the first time last weekend. It was really good! Steve Carell was genius in it; especially the way he ran. I love that he totally ran the way I would imagine a Proust scholar to run.

The best scene by far is when Dwayne, the oldest son, breaks his vow of silence during the family’s road trip to California. It’s a really intense scene and very well-acted. I completely identified with the scene because I know what it is to have a dream crash and fall around you; and that feeling of rage that results from the helplessness you feel; the horror of watching everything you set your hope in crash and burn around you. (This is not something I’m experiencing right now…it’s just something that I have experienced).

So if that made you curious, maybe you should watch the movie.

In other news, guess what I did over the weekend? I went down to Sydney. And on Monday, I spent a total of 8 hours on public transportation (train, bus, taxi, ferry). Yesss…awesome! Or not.


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