Sydney, Hey

Well, I made it to Sydney! My flight was great and it was so awesome to see Katie at the train station! I had a wonderful weekend with her in Sydney, and I must say that Sydney is the most beautiful modern city I have ever seen! Guys, I’m a little bit in love with the Sydney Harbour bridge. Here she is, looking stunning in the sunset:


We did so many things, including wandering around the Sydney Opera House (so much cooler up close and personal); the royal botanical gardens, and Darling Harbour. We went to the aquarium where I saw a duck-billed platypus, a sea dragon, a BUNCH of sharks and the entire cast of the movie Finding Nemo. So cool. We also wandered around the old, historic part of Sydney called The Rocks, where Katie’s roommate Brett treated us to an awesome pizza dinner at an Italian restaurant complete with an accordion player. I think also there was a cockerspaniel and a mutt sitting at the table next to us, nudging a meatball at each other. Or did I see that in a movie? Here’s a picture of a street in The Rocks:


Anyway, you MUST go to Sydney. Here’s some more pictures.
This is me looking like a sleepy Muppet in front of the Opera House while the sun set on it.


Here’s the money shot of the bridge and the opera house. (I didn’t get to climb the bridge, but I REALLY want to, and I hope I figure out a way to do it before I leave. It’s $200, so if you want to donate…oh wait, I guess I need the money for my outreach first, huh?)


Here’s another couple of beauties in Sydney, reunited for some fun times at our youth hostel (called Wake Up!):


Well, guys. I’d better sign off now. I get the slowest Internet EVER at my house, but at the office I’ll be working at every day it’s a better connection, so hopefully I can keep in better touch now. We are ending the first week of the program, but tomorrow is the first day of the youth program, so I will blog about it once I’ve experienced all the basic parts of my DTS. So far, so good though! Please write, comment, myspace, facebook so I can stay connected with you guys. I love you and want to know how you are doing too! Also, I’ll try to be more interesting next time, I just was in a rush and wanted to show you pix more than anything.

P.S. Aussies say “hey” at the end of a lot of sentences, hence the title of my blog. Also, if you EVER get a chance to go to Sydney, by all means, DO!


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