Time Travel

You know what’s weird? I leave Los Angeles Wednesday night at 9:05pm. I get to Australia at 9:20am on Friday morning. But I’m only traveling 19 hours, yet I show up 36 hours later.

Now’s the weird part: I will not live the day October 11, 2007. Maybe I’ll be in the air for a few hours of it, but that doesn’t really count…I get on a plane and it’s Wednesday night, I get off and it’s Friday morning!

Even stranger will be when I return…I’ll actually travel BACK in time!!

P.S. I actually really hate time travel stuff…at least, time travel movies. Kate and Leopold, Back to the Future, The Lake House…yuck, yuck, and yuck.


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  1. The whole time travel thing works going to Australia. It’s like a long, weird night. It’s coming home that wipes you out.

    God bless you in your mission. I have friends in YWAM, and I know they do good work. I’m glad to know Australia hasn’t been overlooked as they try to reach the world.

    Have a great time. Australia is wonderful. I hope God blesses you with an amazing adventure.


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