Godspeed, Adieu, Ciao, Aloha, Cheerio

In the next ten days, I will be saying “so long” to a lot of people.  I used to hate it when people would say “see you later” instead of “goodbye” when it was an important goodbye, a sendoff or a major parting.  I thought it was cold and anti-sentimental. 

But in my 23 years, I’ve had a few really well-done goodbyes…okay, not a few.  More like one that I can think of (wouldn’t you like to know who with?).  More than that, though, I’ve had some bad goodbyes.  Hurried, stilted, anti-climactic, you name it; I’ve experienced it.  But the worst?  The absolute worst kind of goodbye?  That would be the twice-said goodbye.

You have to know what I mean.  You make a big deal about saying goodbye…there are sweet words, tender hugs, maybe even some tears.  You walk away, feeling like it was a good one, right?  But oh crap, you forgot your keys.  Or your camp photo.  Or your sleeping bag.  Whatever.  You sheepishly come back, see the person you said goodbye to.  You can’t go through the whole ordeal again because it would seem fake.  So instead everyone involved tries to pretend like it’s less awkward than it is, and the whole beautiful farewell is ruined.

I’ve had so many of those in my life, that I think I’m switching over to the camp that says, “See you later.”  Or maybe I’ll make like an Israeli and say, “Shalom.”  Peace.


What do you think?

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