I Wish I Were A…



Because if I were, I would be able to enjoy the movie Once even more than I already did.  It was like a long music video about…people making music.  So, I enjoyed the Irish accents and scenery, and the music was awesome, but I just couldn’t connect with that crazy process of making music.  It’s just insane to me to think of actually sitting down and coming up with a song that you’ve never heard before.  My mind just doesn’t work like that.  So, see the movie.  If you are a musician, definitely see the movie.  (But don’t worry, the big screen doesn’t add anything special…you can just wait to get it from Netflix.)



Why, oh why, did no one ever tell me how awesome “So You Think You Can Dance” was while it was still running?  I thought it would be just like American Idol: froggy bobble-headed host (ahem…Ryan Seacrest), LOTS of commercials and subliminal advertising, long minutes of suspense for voting results, and maybe a couple minutes per episode of actual singing.  But MTV ran a marathon of “So You Think You Can Dance” last weekend and totally proved me wrong.  The bulk of the show is actually dancing!  And almost every genre of dancing is showcased.  The only annoying part is the emcee, who as far as I can tell isn’t really anybody but a pretty blond with an accent.  Whatever.  Anyway, I’ve always wished I could be a dancer…not just getting down at a club, but actually able to make a living from dancing.  You’re probably surprised, huh?  Can’t picture it?  Well, just as my non-musical mom says she’ll be in the choir in heaven, I say I’m going to be on the dance team in heaven…and no, I will not be using ribbons or “worship flags.”


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