Jo March

You know that scene in the movie Little Women, when Jo (played by Winona Ryder) runs around the house waving a five-dollar bill yelling, “I’m an author!” because a local paper ran one of her pieces?

Every time I’ve had something published, starting with my first articles in the high school newspaper, I’ve felt like that.

Go to to see my most recent published work (albeit online). 


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  1. I enjoyed reading your article on radiant website. It reminded me much of my 5 day mission trip to New Orleans with my church this past summer. Although it was a short lived trip from your 9 week journey…I myself felt the same emotion. Wanting more out of life, coming back a changed person.

    I attend a church in Orange County called Rockharbor (I am VERY familiar with that 405 freeway) and a couple of weeks ago we ended this campagin called, “The GO Campaign” where 2,000 people signed up on summer trips to GO and be the hands and feet of Christ. So a couple of weeks ago with the end of this campagin our lead teacher taught on how being here where we are today in Orange County, we can be used…how there are plenty of GO opportunties right at our feet weather it is in our jobs, schools, grocery stores, gas stations, walks in the park…wherever we are, there are endless amounts of opportunties for God to use us.

    Thank you for your article, it was a blessing to read.



  2. Tiffany,
    I’m glad you liked the article. And I’ve totally heard of Rock Harbor! I have friends who go there. And yes, that is something God has tried to teach me for years…to be in a “mission-trip mindset” even in my daily 9-5 gig here in my hometown.


  3. 1st of all, Oh the good ol’ Little Women! Oh all the memories!
    2nd, I think that is how it should always be. I hate the fact that many people label you as an author, or not, by the money in your pocket. To me, an author is an author. With money or without. I see the ability to pour out any feeling, emotion or thought onto a piece of paper in such a beautiful way is miraculous. And anyone who can do that (and most people can’t) is a true AUTHOR!


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