Quotable Friday, Vol. 12 (Sunday Edition)

“…when once a man is launched on an adventure as this, he must bid farewell to hopes and fears, otherwise death or deliverance will both come too late to save his honour and his reason.”

–Prince Rilian,
The Silver Chair
C.S. Lewis

Going to Australia is not my first adventure. I feel I’ve been on a few in the past couple years. The night before I left for my three week tour of Europe, I stood in the shower crying and overwhelmed with a panicked fear that spiraled into one shrill, repeating thought, “What am I doing?” I had no idea what it would be like…who I would meet, what I would eat, what the weather would be like, whether things would be how I had imagined them my whole life. An opaque curtain of the unknown was drawn in front of me, and my utter lack of control of the situation was terrifying. I felt very similarly a few weeks later before I took off for my 9-week gig as a camp counselor in Maryland. How could I go where I didn’t know a single soul, had no idea who I would live with, and did not know what would be asked of me? But as most of you know, those two adventures made last summer one of the best of my life. By the time my trip to Israel rolled around, I was much more calm about all of the factors of my trip that were an utter mystery to me; such as what would this foreign country be like and who were these people I would be crammed on a bus with for ten days? So now, for this adventure, I’m coming from a completely different place than two summers ago when I cried silent, frightened tears in the shower before flying to Europe. I feel all this travel has taught me the most important lesson: God has been with me every step I’ve taken, every airplane I’ve flown in, and every country I’ve slept in. No matter how far I go from my hometown, His heart is my home. I don’t need to hold on to any hopes or fears, because He plans such good things for me and has proved it to me so many times. Back then, my hands and heart were clenched tightly around so many expectations of my trips, but now I come with open hands, ready to receive what is given. I look toward that cloudy six months overseas, and I am not afraid. My chin is up, and I am ready to accept the adventure before me with reason, honor, and joy.

P.S. How funny is it that such a quote would come from a children’s book? I’m telling you, people, you are never too old for the Chronicles of Narnia.


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