It’s starting to feel like fall…and I’m actually enjoying it.  How can this be?  I once was the type (ahem, up until now) who would actually mourn the passing of summerI dreaded the chilly nights, roaring fireplaces, crisp breezes, swirling leaves, and pumpkin-scented…everything.  But a couple of weeks ago, the nights started getting a little cooler, the sun set a little earlier, and there was just this smell of fall in the air (I can’t explain it, but when you’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 11 years you pick up on these things).  It was inevitable.  But instead of crying over my passing summer, I found myself flooded with fall memories.  I’ve been excited for no reason lately, just having this fluttering in my chest that I used to feel during the first couple weeks of school; even in college.  It was a new year, I was meeting new people, learning new things…the year was full of promise.  My painful fall memories even seem a little sweet to me right now, like how one October I used to go for walks on the trails behind my house, listening to Delirious (Cutting Edge, Vol. 2) and trying to figure out why my first-ever boyfriend broke up with me.  Even though I’ve dealt with all of my major break-ups (3)  during the autumn season, I’ve still had this unexplainable falling-in-love feeling floating around on the edges of my days.  It’s all very strange and I’m not going to analyze it too much.  Maybe it’s because I’m in a really good place right not with God – accepting His grace in a way I never have before.  Maybe it’s because I’m about to leave on an awesome adventure in Australia, where I will entirely skip over the winter season.  Who knows?  But considering I have less than three weeks left of Autumn 2007 (because I will be launched into Spring 2007 over in Oz), I’m going to ride it out and enjoy it.  I think this calls for a pumpkin-spice latte by the fire…

P.S. So sorry that I titled this with a stupid play on the word “fall.” 


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