The Last Battle


Last night I finished C.S. Lewis’s final installment of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle.  For the hundreth time.  It is seriously one of the best books in the entire world.  I read the last chapter in bed and in the dark, with just a tiny book light illuminating the pages.  If you’re going to read anything before bed, read the last chapter of that book.  It will give you a sweet sleep and an even sweeter waking.  That was one of the only books I took with me last summer to Maryland for my nine-week stint at Camp Sonshine.  After an especially hard day I would read the last couple chapters and feel some perspective again.  Am I putting too much weight in a children’s fantasy book?  Perhaps.  But if you have never read The Chronicles of Narnia, I encourage you to do so…all of them, including The Magician’s Nephew and The Horse and His Boy.  Those books helped shape my imagination, my theology, and quite possibly my writing.  Sometimes when I read Lewis’s writing I ache knowing I will never be even a fraction of the writer he was.  But if I could be…if with my writing I could make 1% of the impact he did with his, I will be a successful and satisfied author.


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  1. I totally agree with you ! its my favorite book in the world. i love that book, everytime i read it I found something new.its amazing! three cheers for the Last Battle of Narnia!


  2. My husband and I also just finished (re) reading this book last night. I have read the series before but the hubby hadn’t so we were reading it out loud, and I absolutely 100% agree with what you said. He is working on his master’s degree in creative writing at the moment and it’s amazing how Lewis’ simple writing can create such amazing imagery. It’s pure genius.


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