Ant Bully


Hey, remember how I wrote that post about Disney movies making me attribute emotions, personalities, etc. to animals and even insects?  Well, once again that problem is manifesting in my life.  Due to the recent crazy high temperatures (I heard it was 117 degrees in Santa Clarita on Monday!) we’ve had a little ant invasion in our house.  And I feel SO guilty when I kill them. 

 They’re just going about their business, and then a giant thumb descends, squashing their life, their destiny.  It’s a good day, they got into the air-conditioning, but look out!  A cloud of lethal Windex is enveloping them and they’re taking tiny, gasping last breaths and coughing up blood while the one horrified survivor scrambles back to base camp to break the terrible news to unsuspecting ant families.  Sometimes when I just see one ant, I think, “He’s just an honest guy trying to make a living and provide for his family” and I don’t squash him.  Although, sometimes when I’m in a vindictive mood I think, “They’ve sent him out as a scout!”  And then it’s “Take THAT!  And now they’ll know it ain’t safe to come out here!”

I’m kind of crazy, I think.  Or at least the victim of an overactive (or overfed?) imagination.  Oh well…even though it causes emotional strain and unnecessary guilt, at least it makes life a little more entertaining.


What do you think?

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