So Long Sweet Summer


So it ends: my first summer as a grown-up.  I worked full-time all summer and only went to the beach once (twice, if you count when I was in Tel Aviv).  I spent most of my days in highly air-conditioned, flourescent lit buildings. 

 Can I be a little nostalgic here?  I so miss the days when I would go to the beach a few times a week with a bunch of friends, come back to Valencia and go to the pool, then all meet up again at night to go in the hot tub.  I would meet Katie at the Alamo and we would sit outside, consuming endless amounts of soda and chips and salsa and watching everyone we knew drive by.  I miss going to youth group on Wednesday nights and feeling so exhilirated because there was no school the next day, no homework to be done when I got home (wait…I actually didn’t do homework in high school).  And I really miss driving up the mountain in that old 15-passenger van to Camp Cedar Crest to have some of the best times of my life.

Or last summer, which pretty much topped them all.  I went on a three-week trip to Europe with my best friend, then worked at a summer camp and got to act like a kid for 9 weeks, and then played tour guide all over Southern California for three friends I met at camp (Sam and Oreo are from South Africa, and Jamie is from Ireland…needless to say, we had fun).  The picture at the top of the post is of me and Sam in Laguna Beach, where we sang in the ocean and ate our 18th Subway sandwich that week.

I’m not gonna lie…this summer kind of sucked.  Except I met a few cool new people and I went to Israel (which is a big exception).  Hopefully next summer will be better…good thing I only have to wait a few months for it.  Yay for Australia being in the Southern Hemisphere!


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