Well, Well, Well: It’s Beef Wellington!

My family is a family of researchers (read: nerdy but smart).  So when my sisters began watching the show Hell’s Kitchen, one from her house in Troy, New York and the other from her apartment in Seal Beach, California, they both found themselves curious about the beef Wellington dish often featured on the show.  So, naturally, they looked it up on Wikipedia and Googled it to find nearby restaurants that served beef Wellington.  This is when having a computer engineer stepdad with an alter-ego as gourmet chef comes in handy.  When Rachel (the New York sister) was visiting last week, she requested beef Wellington for our big family dinner.  And she got it alright, along with what could be dubbed as a “Feast of Bread and Starch.”  Oh, and besides being nerdy researchers, we are also mildly obsessed with poodles, which somehow managed to work its way into the evening…Rachel was pretty excited.


Featuring, of course, the main dish which is basically filet mignon wrapped in bread (pastry dough).  Notice the festive poodle decorations…


As if that weren’t enough, we also had biscuits as a side dish…


And then my mom decided to get creative and make a dessert out of the surplus pastry dough and some leftover pink sprinkles from Valentine’s Day…


We also had some more starchy carbs in the form of mashed potatoes.  But fear not, we did add some color to our white, beige, and brown meal with some stuffed baked tomatos.  And it ended up being a fabulous dinner!  (Note the poodle prancing off the top right corner of the plate).


Sorry about the poor picture quality…these were super massive mondo size and I had to shrink ’em down.  Also sorry if this is only funny and entertaining to my family!!


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  1. Love it Joy! That is all sooo true! We are nerds, I try to explain it to other people, no one believes that we spent Sunday mornings reading for hours on end since we were able to read!


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