Blogroll Exposed!

All right, this is totally a cheap cop-out post, but I bet you’d rather read about this than my thoughts on the book I finished this weekend…ahem, Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood.  Anyway, this is more of a maintenance post.  Have you guys ever noticed that little list to the right of my main posts, called the “Blogroll”?  Maybe you even wondered what it is.  Simply put, those are my favorite blogs and I want to give you easy access to them if you ever find yourself in a substitute teaching job with endless hours of Internet time on your hands (but no Myspace or Facebook).  On my list, I have:

Que Sera Sera: This is a brilliant blog written by a brilliant woman named Sarah Brown.  She’s a writer who lives in New York City and started an awesome phenomenon called “Cringe.”  This is basically a weekly event at a local bar in Brooklyn where adults take turns reading out loud from their teenage diaries.  Awesome! 

Sweet Juniper: Hmm…I need to think of some other words for “brilliant.”  This one is mainly written by Dutch, a hipster stay-at-home Dad (and former lawyer) who chronicles his adventures with his ridiculously adorable toddler, Juniper.  Sometimes, his hipster-lawyer wife, Wood, writes.  Dutch is such a good writer that he makes living in Detroit almost seem cool!

Television Without Pity:  Okay, this isn’t a blog.  But it is a fantastically funny website all about, you guessed it, TV.  Mostly recaps of episodes, but these aren’t just any recaps.  They’re hilarious and snarky and written by award-winning bloggers (I know, right?  Who knew there were blog awards?)  This is a great site if you are REALLY into a certain TV show like, say, Gilmore Girls and can’t get enough of it.  So reading the recaps is like watching the episode all over again, but this time with somone providing humorous commentary.  There’s also forums, if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am not).

Things I Bought That I Love: Already wrote about this blog in my recent Guilty Pleasures post.  You can read what I wrote here.  I wish it was updated more often, and I wish I was as funny as Mindy Kaling!

Tomato Nation: This used to be my favorite.  It’s written by a writer named Sarah (nicknamed Sars, no not like the virus) who lives in Brooklyn, I think.  Her recent stuff is more commentaries on old movies and an advice column dubbed “The Vine” and I’m not really into either of those things.  But wander through her archives and get ready to die laughing.  Click here for one of my faves.  And if you have cats (which I don’t), you’ll like her even more.


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