Quotable Friday, Vol. 8

“That’s what you get someone who has everything. You share their joy, their passion. I really believe it’s like that with God. When our hearts and minds are unabashedly amazed by Him, and we let go in unfettered praise, God gets paid. Too many people spend their time, cocksure, toiling over paying God back with their perfect lives, keeping the list, and in doing so they shut their eyes to the beauty and place and life that God has set us down into.”

–Brian Orme, from the article “How God Gets Paid”

I really loved this article.  It was wordy and took a long time to say what it was going to say, but it was worth it just to read the above quote and to grasp what the author was trying to say.  It definitely speaks to my perfectionist side, the same one that was raised to believe you should never be in debt.  And that’s what I am…in debt to God not only for His forgiveness and salvation, but for the absurd amount of love He pours all over my life like molten gold, making everything precious and glistening.  I like that I can still bring something to God even when I don’t have my ish together…just whispering to Him that I love the sunset He painted will bring a smile to His face. 


What do you think?

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