Take Me to the Movies! Or Sushi.


Hey, I totally love being single but sometimes I miss how when you’re part of a couple, you go to the movies ALL the time.  When I’m flying solo, I just don’t get to the theater.  I’m not one of those brave souls who can go to the movies alone, and I never really want to go with friends because I feel like I’m wasting quality time with them.  But a boyfriend?  Sheesh, you’re always talking and spending time together, so sometimes it’s nice to sit in the dark and drink a Diet Coke and then have something to talk about afterward.

All that to say, there’s like a frillion movies I want to see right now and I’m getting a little anxious about it.  Then my stepbrother’s Entertainment Weekly came in the mail the other day, with a preview of the 120 films coming out this fall.  I almost started hyperventilating when I started flipping through the pages.  I’m not even a movie buff or a film snob or anything, but I get this weird panicky feeling when I think about all the movies I want to see and how they are cycling onto DVD as we speak.  Not to mention how many freaking movies I’ll miss while I’m in Australia!  Although, I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of other fun things.  And they probably have theaters there.

I know you are dying to know some of the movies I want to see, and also dying to know when I’m free so you can take me to see them.  Some might already be on DVD, so you can Netflix it and we can watch it at my place or yours.  I’ll bring the frozen yogurt (or wine, if you prefer).  Here’s a sampling:

Ocean’s 13

Evan Almighty


Harry Potter V


The Nanny Diaries

3:10 to Yuma

I also REALLY want to see the movie “Once“…I know it’s out of theaters but I’m not sure if it’s on DVD yet.

Also, I’m on a sushi kick.  Never used to like it, and all of the sudden I’m craving it like crazy.  Here’s a picture of sushi:


Last weekend I was in San Diego with my sisters (all 5 of them) and we ate at a sushi place in the Gaslamp District called Ra and had, among other things, the “Viva Las Vegas Roll.”  I have no idea what it was but it was delish.

So, friends, let’s make a date!  Although, to be honest, I’ll probably be trying to fit in so much quality time with everyone before I leave for Australia that there will be no way I’ll waste that on a movie…


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  1. I definitely agree with you here! Singleness has kept me away from the theaters for some time, now. Although, I went and saw Superbad last weekend…It was pretty much horrible.

    5 points for using the word “frillion,” by the way.


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