Quotable Friday, Vol. 7


Elisabeth Elliot on the topic of feminism vs. femininity:

“And here I must make a confession. Almost everything that constitutes an issue in modern American life I view from the vantage point of ‘peasants’ in a Stone-Age culture where I once lived. I’m always asking myself, ‘What would those people make of all this? Where would I begin to try to explain it to them?’ This exotic perspective does, in a way, throw a clearer light on the basics that helps me assess the issues.  […] I lived with jungle Indians of South America who expressed their masculinity and femininity in a variety of ways, never pretended that the differences were negligible, and had no word for role. The femininity of woman was a deep-rooted consciousness of what she was made for.   Their power did not lie in being equal with men but in being women.”

I admire Elisabeth Elliot so much because she shamelessly spouts old fashioned and conservative views in such a matter-of-fact way in a culture where nothing is a fact anymore, “old-fashioned” is synonymous with “ignorant” and “conservative” with “oppressive.”  But she’s a free thinker and always has been.  I mean, she left for the jungles of Equador as a single woman in the 1940’s, before Donna Reed had even hit her golden age.  She deviated from the path most would have chosen for her, of creating a home and a family for a hard-working husband.  Instead, she became educated in linguistics and helped create a written language for the Quicha Indians so as to translate the Bible for them.  She is definitely one of my heroes because she just doesn’t care what other people think.  I’m not even close to that point yet. The other day as I was listening to one of Erwin McManus’s podcasts, he talked about how his son was struggling with the ridicule he faces because his dad is somewhat of a controversial figure.  Erwin’s response was, “I’m sorry to cause you pain, Aaron, but I’m always going to be a free-thinker.”  That just sounds so noble to me.  It inspired me to stop censoring myself so much, even on this blog.  I’m always wondering, “Is this too Christian?  Too secular?  Too intellectual?  Too superficial?”  Sometimes I deal with my Bible college breeding and stop myself from saying or writing certain things, trying to be aware of my “witness” and how a “good Christian” should look, sound, think, etc.  I want to throw that out the window!  A year out of college, I’m starting to realize that none of that has anything to do with the fact that God created me and loves me and chose to have a relationship with me.  It’s time to start focusing on what’s really important…I’ll let you know how it goes. 

P.S. Click here for Elisabeth’s full article.


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