Guilty Pleasures


 I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that I like this show, but I totally do.  It’s even more embarrassing that it’s made for the ABC Family channel.  But it’s so lighthearted and fun, and has just the right combination of ingredients like bad acting, silly plotlines, hit-and-miss wardrobes, good-looking cast members, and the occasional cleverly-written line to have me adding “Greek” to my list of addictions, right up there with Golden Spoon frozen yogurt and Vallarta tortilla chips.  My favorite character on the show has to be Cappie, president of the Kappa Tau fraternity.  He’s a total slacker, and not off-the-charts cute, but totally charming.  I’m telling you boys, charm will give you two points on the ten-point scale.   Little known fact: Casey, the show’s main character, is Frasier star Kelsey Grammer’s daughter.  Watch the show and let me know what you think!

This is a really funny blog (read: time waster) mostly written by Mindy Kaling, who writes for the show The Office and also plays the role of Kelly.  Sometimes her friends write posts, but it’s mostly Mindy, and it’s mostly hilarious.  If you’re offended by the “eff” word, or blatant materialism, you might not want to read it.  Everyone else, if you have, say, an hour or two when you’re not doing anything at work, hit up the blog, wander through the archives… you won’t be sorry.  Well, maybe just a little sorry for yourself that you’re not funny enough to have an sweet job writing for an Emmy-award winning comedy.


  • “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

All right, I’m not going to lie.  Really, Fergie’s music in general is becoming more and more of a guilty pleasure for me.  It all started with “Fergalicious”…and then “Glamorous”…and now I find myself actually kind of enjoying “My Humps” when I used to practically run off the dance floor with my hands over my ears when the DJ started spinning it.  But “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is seriously a masterpiece of pop music.  The lyrics are absolutely ridiculous (but come on…would it be a Fergie song if they weren’t?) but it’s the kind of song you can’t help singing along to, and her voice actually sounds really pretty in it!  Also, the video for that song made me love it more, because Milo Ventimiglia was in it, and I’ve loved him since his Gilmore Girls days (surprised?).  Although in the video he sports a disgusting ponytail, he’s still bad-boy hot (oh my gosh I totally almost wrote that with two t’s).  In addition to Milo’s ponytail, I will also try to overlook Fergie’s mid-nineties, flygirl hat and say that she overall looks really pretty in the video.  If you want to check it out on YouTube, here you go.


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