Can Joy Produce Joy?

Yesterday I was reading in 1 Samuel; the part when the Israelites were demanding a king.  Up till that time, God had been their king, occasionally appointing “judges” or leaders to guide the people out of a particular crisis.  But they wanted to be like all the other countries, felt like God was holding out on them, and cried out to Samuel for a king.  Then God told a distressed Samuel, “[…] they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them” (8:7). 

 It made me think of how God might feel when his people reject his plan for them.  Where have I been rejecting God as king in my life?  So many times I think I can figure things out better than Him, and that is so very, very foolish.  Like our associate pastor said at Fusion on Sunday, “There’s no life to be found in doing things your way.”

Oswald Chambers talks about the “complete and utter joy” we can produce in the heart of Jesus by “remaining absolutely confident in Him” and His way for us.  Jesus pours joy into my life every day like the sun pours light into my room every morning.  I want to give some of that back to Him…to live up to my namesake.  Chambers says that “[sanctification] will be expressed in our lives as a peaceful resting in God, which means a total oneness with Him.  And this oneness will make us […] a profound joy to Him.” 

I want that peaceful rest, I want to be one with Him, and I want to bring Him joy.


What do you think?

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