Things That Make Me Laugh


  1. The Soup, on E!  Namely, Joel McHale.  And more specifically, The Soup special “Best of the Worst Talk Show Moments”, and even more specifically, the clip of Neil Diamond on the Today show.  The only problem was, I watched this while working my butt off on the treadclimber at the gym, and ended up laughing a weird, breathless guffaw that sounded more like a shuddering sob.  Thankfully there were no cute guys around.
  2. The fact that my sister called me after I posted the last blog about words I hate, expressing her mutual distaste for the word “combo.”  How do we get negative connotations to words like that?  We usually just blame it on our mom.
  3. The memory I had when talking to my sister about word associations about my other sister, Rachel, and all of the bizarre word associations she had as a kid.  For example: names.  She once said when she hears the name “Michelle” she pictures little clams in the ocean opening and shutting their mouths while singing shrilly, “Mee-shelle!  Mee-shelle!” For Rachel, the name “Sarah” conjures an image of a veiled woman in a desert, hissing “Ssssarah…” with a forked snake tongue.  Okay, “Michelle” I get.  But why wouldn’t she think of her sister Sarah when she hears that name?

One thought on “Things That Make Me Laugh

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  1. Joy, I still do that! With more then just names now, I’m sure lots of people do it, just for fun I’ll do a couple more(I’ve taken friends names):
    Sheri-someone splashing around in a pool/fountain/shower
    Adam-a big huge bongo drum being hit once
    Steve- a guy shaving with an electric razor (Ok, I know this one is really, really weird)
    Joy- a little girl being mad whenever anyone sang the song, “Happy Happy Joy Joy” from Ren and Stimpy to her.
    Hope you liked them and are assured that my gift is still going strong


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