School House Rock

5 Words I Love:

  1. succulent
  2. sushi                                                                             
  3. grazie (that’s Italian for thank you)
  4. peruse
  5. waffle

5 Words I Hate:

  1. egg
  2. moist
  3. clink
  4. combo
  5. cream

5 thoughts on “School House Rock

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  1. Oh my gosh Joy, you had me laughing so hard at the words you hate! I also hate the word “combo” and avoid saying it whenever possible. “I’ll have the number 5 MEAL please…”


  2. Ok, maybe these can be attributed to Mom, peruse is one of the best words ever! I also hate the word combo and try not to say it about anything, maybe you should ask mom if there’s a reason for any of this.


  3. after searching and enjoying many of your blogs, I FOUND YOUR LIST OF WORDS! i like your blogging by the way, very cool, it gives life spice.


  4. Moni-con! Oh my gosh, I am honored that you perused my word list! Te extrano mucho, y sabes que Josue esta conmigo en California hasta Sabado??? We will have fun reminiscing about our adventures en Mexico!


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