Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s my birthday today. 

 How old am I?  Well, I’m old enough to have to work on my birthday.  I’m also old enough to keep my birthday a secret so my coworkers won’t be awkward and feel obligated to do anything for me.  I’m old enough to not even really think about presents until someone gives one to me and I’m all, “Oh yeah, that’s kind of part of it, too.”  I’m old enough to throw a party for myself…and to be okay with sharing that party with America for her birthday, too.  I’m also old enough to enjoy some tasty adult beverages at said party…

But I’m still young.  I’m still young enough to want a party and to fight the crazy fear I have of no one showing up and feeling supremely rejected.  I’m still young enough to kind of let myself believe the fireworks on the Fourth of July are really for my birthday….just a day late.  I’m also still young enough to tell people how old I’m turning without cringing…hopefully I never cringe at my age!  And finally, I’m still young enough to mourn the loss of being 22, because that has so been my favorite number, ever since junior high when pagers were in and it was my personal code.

So far as gifts I’ve gotten a new iPod (yes, I’m sorry Nano….you are demoted to exercise purposes, only…you might as well be a Shuffle) and a free trip to Israel.  The iPod was from my parents, and the free trip to Israel is from God…I leave on Thursday!  I’ll write more later…

P.S.  The picture above is from Sixteen Candles…which came out the year I was born!  I love this scene…


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