Extreme Poodle Makeover

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a blog about poodles.  But in an update to a previous post,  a cliff hanger which depicted Trixie Belle in reverent prayer as she prepared for a horrific day at the groomer’s, I wanted to show some before and after photos:

 Here’s Trixie before her haircut.  This style is reminiscent of a high school skater’s mop top circa 1995 (Clueless era – remember Travis Birkenstock?).


Here’s Trixie after the makeover…she’s always a little self-conscious for a few days.  You know how it is when you get a dramatic haircut…first you want to KILL your stylist, then you get used to styling your short hair, then you finally love it.

 She survived.

Next post will be poodle free, guaranteed.


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