Seeking Favor

My poodle, Trixie, is getting groomed today.  Grooming Day is never a happy day in our house.  Ever since Trixie was a pup, she has been scared to death of the groomer.  We’ve tried taking her to different places, and even for about a year hired a mobile groomer to come to our house and cut Trixie’s hair in a truck outside so she would be spared the Car Ride of Terror.  I remember one time when the groomer showed up at our house, she had been there enough times for Trixie to recognize her.  When we heard a knock at the door, Trixie, in her ignorance, bounded toward the foyer barking joyfully.  But the sight of the groomer scared the crap out of her.  No, literally.  Trixie turned tail and ran away, two tiny turds falling from her butt after sheer terror loosened her bowels.  Okay, it was pretty much the funniest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen.  So last night, before the dreaded visit to “Snips and Tails” or whatever the place is called, Trixie spent some time of reverent, humble, and desperate prayer to the grooming gods.  It looked a little something like this:



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  1. What a precious little poodle! Too bad grooming is such a trauma for her, especially since poodles need grooming all their lives. Her after picture looked adorable, but, honestly, her before picture with the full face looked better. I just love the muzzle kept full. Either way, though, she’s a doll!

    P.S. There’s a do-it-yourself place near my house where I can bathe and groom my own dog (see example links below). I may not be as talented as a professional groomer, but I don’t do too bad. Plus, my dog doesn’t have to go through the trauma of a visit to the groomer. Check around and see if there’s something like that in your area. Maybe grooming wouldn’t be such an awful thing for her if it were done by your loving hands. 🙂


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