Big Little Lies Season 2 – Review!

When Big Little Lies premiered as a limited series on HBO in February 2017, it seemed to promise little more than a sophisticated version of ABC’s Desperate Housewives, full of rich feuding moms, steamy affairs and maybe a catfight or two. Instead, week after week, Big Little Lies delivered nuanced stories of motherhood, female identity... Continue Reading →

The Sisterhood of the Moon, Rising

The moon has long been compared to humanity’s feminine side––the ancient Greeks worshipped the moon goddess Selene, and later Saint Francis addressed her as “Sister Moon” in his most famous prayer. She is familiar yet foreign, ever changing but predictable, cycling through her phases each month, rotating around our self-important planet. Her selfless nature does... Continue Reading →

The Unconventional Sainthood of Jack Pearson from “This Is Us”

Originally posted on RELEVANT. At the heart of of NBC’s Emmy-nominated drama This Is Us is a saint. Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) may not be holier than the next man, but Ventimiglia plays the part with such unvarnished tenderness, viewers either wish they could be Jack, marry him, or have a father like him. His... Continue Reading →

How Netflix’s “The Letdown” Captures the Joys and Pains of Early Motherhood

Originally published on RELEVANT. Netflix’s show The Letdown, an import from Australia, offers viewers a seat in such a support group, providing an inside look at the raw, early days of motherhood through a comedic lens. Audrey (Allison Bell) is two months into motherhood, still in that surreal, sleep-deprived state that looks a lot like survival... Continue Reading →

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