The Unconventional Sainthood of Jack Pearson from “This Is Us”

Originally posted on RELEVANT. At the heart of of NBC’s Emmy-nominated drama This Is Us is a saint. Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) may not be holier than the next man, but Ventimiglia plays the part with such unvarnished tenderness, viewers either wish they could be Jack, marry him, or have a father like him. His... Continue Reading →


Giving Up “Cool” for a Bigger Life

Originally published on No Sidebar We didn’t mean to move to one of the hottest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A mixture of chance and necessity pushed us there––we had moved back home to LA from a stint in Colorado and found we could no longer afford to live in our old neighborhood in Pasadena. We... Continue Reading →

How Netflix’s “The Letdown” Captures the Joys and Pains of Early Motherhood

Originally published on RELEVANT. Netflix’s show The Letdown, an import from Australia, offers viewers a seat in such a support group, providing an inside look at the raw, early days of motherhood through a comedic lens. Audrey (Allison Bell) is two months into motherhood, still in that surreal, sleep-deprived state that looks a lot like survival... Continue Reading →

These Good Old Days

One of my favorite openings of any film is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (#guiltypleasure), where we see several scenes of the four girlfriends growing up through high school and preparing to move on toward college. Over shots of the friends in blue and gold caps and gowns at graduation, the protagonist Carmen describes... Continue Reading →

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